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Teachers across the country are excited about Postcards from Mr. Pish:



"Very informative in a "kid friendly" way that adults will enjoy reading as well."     

 - Sandy Steinhagen, Paraeducator, Washington State    



"Kids (and adults!) will fall in love with Mr. Pish...  They will learn important details about each state as they join Mr. Pish on his cross country travels."

- Lynn Drayzen, M. Ed., Elementary School Teacher, Massachusetts   



“The delightful book - Postcards from Mr. Pish - authored by K. S. Brooks, will create a wonderful atmosphere for discussion and learning in any classroom.  The captivating adventures experienced by Mr. Pish will also establish a fascinating connection between parents and their children as they share the journeys and explorations of this charming and inquisitive little Jack Russell Terrier.”

– Jay B. Healy, Professor, Washington State   



Grandparents are enjoying Postcards from Mr. Pish as well:


"Postcards from Mr. Pish will delight the kid in you, no matter what your age. And, when I read it to my grandson, we both learn from Mr. Pish's travels.  We love adorable Mr. Pish and his fun book!" 

- S. Webster, Grandmother of two