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The Back to School Contest has ended. 

There were two lucky winners:


September's Winner:  Maureen O'Dowd of Massachusetts!

October's Winner:  Christine Womack of Oklahoma!



The Summer Reading Contest has ended. 

There were three lucky winners:


August's Winner:  Sharon Cotter of New Jersey!

July's Winner:  Wanda Morton of Maryland!

June's Winner:  Tracey Henning of Washington! 



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Want to win an educator's package including a copy of Postcards from Mr. Pish for your favorite school?  It's easy.


Post your review of Postcards from Mr. Pish on , and let us know by sending an email to postcards(@)  Provide us with your name, email address and the date of your review.  Once your review is verified, your email will be acknowledged and you will be entered to win a free Postcards from Mr. Pish educator's package for the school of your choice.


One lucky reviewer will be chosen for each month:  September and October... so post your review, make sure to let us know, and enter to win today! 


Deadline for September - your review must be visible by midnight on September 30th Eastern Time

Deadline for October - your review must be visible by midnight on October 31st Eastern Time


The educator's package includes one copy Postcards from Mr. Pish, one teacher-designed companion learning worksheet, a map of the United States, bookmarks for all the students, and a letter from Mr. Pish himself!


No Purchase is Necessary to enter or win.  A verified account with is required to enter.

There will be a total of two (2) winners determined by random drawings based on the deadlines above.  Winner notification will occur within 72 hours of deadline date.  A free copy of the book, along with bookmarks, and a teacher-designed companion worksheet, a map of the United States, and a letter from Mr. Pish will be donated to the school/classroom of the winners' choice.  Proof-of-delivery to the school will be available at the winners' request.  All packets will be sent to the school locations via USPS with delivery confirmation.  It is the winner's responsibility to obtain any tax-related donation documentation from their school.  Winners' names will be referenced in relation to the contest along with the winners' chosen school in contest-related announcements.



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